Google +... or is it Google - ?

Everyone knows who Neil Armstrong is. He was the first man on the moon. Can you recall the second? As it turns out, we usually forget runner ups in life. It happens the same in the Social Networks. Maybe Facebook was not the very first, but they were indeed the first to deliver it right. This puts Google + on the spot. Where the too late? If you ask me, the answer would be "Not necessarily". In general they are perceived as the "late-to-the-party" version of Facebook, despite their better designs and features, according to Paul Tassi, a Forbes contributor who doomed them in his first article about the SN, and who, a year later, does it again (Six Months Later, Google Plus Still Doesn't Add Up). But then, why would I answer "Not necessarily"? In my opinion, late or not, Google had to come up with something. Google has a big crowd of fans, so why not put them all together in one same place. Most surely, these fans would drop everything -in an instant- to stand by Google's side, and I would bet they wanted to prove this right. In any case, the future is uncertain, and the Digital world is evolving quicker and quicker, and it is but a matter of time before the next best thing comes up, and kicks Facebook and Google + into oblivion.

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