Foursquare Explore

One of my favorite Foursquare features is the "Explore" one. I can recall a few days ago I was craving Chinese, and didn't hesitate once to reach out to Foursquare's geolocation power. To top things off, I actually found nearby a really neat place which was well recommended, and which turned out great. So if you ask me "Why do I use Foursquare?", well, it's because of that. How ever, this is only part of it. I also love checking-in. Now, a lot of people are very hesitant about checking into places and making their location public. But the fact is that you can protect your privacy. Having said this, bare in mind that your check-ins and comments are the ones that give life to Foursquare. If that Chinese place hadn't been referred by a friend, it is possible that I would have never discovered it at all.

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